Services: Maintenance

Procon delivers maintenance services including equipment rental and staffing resources for addressing the challenges of our clients, with the main focus on enhancing cost-effective production, maximizing return on investment, and minimizing downtime. We analyze the maintenance needs of customers at a strategic level in order to develop a strategy and implement innovative methods to optimize client assets. We work very closely with our customers to maintain their assets efficiently, safely and effectively.We provide a portfolio of professional solutions, an extensive pool of talented staff, and innovative strategies for driving asset performance. Our only goal is to align our maintenance strategy and solutions with current capabilities of our client and future challenges. Our strong staffing solutions are backed by our global network of recruiting experts, largest database and international market presence. Utilizing our expertise in contract staffing, we help our customers easily source and mobilize appropriate staff in the shortest timeframe possible.Procon is expert in both operation and maintenance services and we have completed a number of O&M projects all around the world.

Operational and maintenance activities are performed with highest efficiency, keeping in mind long-term productivity, reliability, downtime and project turnaround.Our flexible solutions meet the specific needs of a project at any location and we take pride in delivering adaptable maintenance & operation solutions that can be quickly implement anywhere, anytime.